Monday, 25 March 2013

What I Bought Today

Hello! Hope you all had eventful weekends, I certainly didn't. First just a little message to explain some issues in my blogpost today - Some of these pictures and throughout this blog post will look different because halfway through taking pictures my camera died, so I had to use my boyfriends Iphone, bearing in mind this was about 8 at night the lighting wasn't very good as it is.
Now, lets move on and as I said in my previous post I got paid on Thursday, so on the Friday me and my boyfriend went into town to get him a new phone, and while all that was being sorted I sneakily got away and went into Boots and Superdrug, where I bought these...

Rimmel Apocalips 
So, the first things I'm going to talk about are the Rimmel Apocalips, which I'm sure every blogger and their dog knows about. The colours I got are Apocoliptic, Nova and Luna (They were 3 for 2 at Boots and Superdrug)

(L-R Luna, Nova, Apocoliptic) (Opposite on other picture)

These feel on the lips like a creamy lip gloss, and once that wears off your left with a lovely tinted lip! I've been wearing Nova for work and haven't had the chance to properly wear the other shades for other than the lip swatches I've done (see below). I'm not too sure how much I'll wear Luna because it is a very nude, nude? If that makes sense! But I think if I do a very heavy eye look I might be able to pull it off, but we'll see! 



These pictures don't show how shiny the lip glosses actually are because they are lovely. Also, Luna is a lot more nude in real life, its just that I stupidly swatched that one last so my lips were pretty red raw from wiping the other lip glosses off and the stain they left behind. The colours are very opaque with every colour I've picked, even with Luna it was only the outline of my lips which showed the tint through from the other lip glosses. 




Bourjois Rouge Edition
I also bought these two lipsticks after seeing them on 'Birds Words' [Link] . So, I bought Rose tweed and Fuchsia Graffiti. These lipsticks feel so creamy and I have fallen in love with Rose Tweed, I think its just the perfect everyday lipstick. Fuchsia Graffiti is not as opaque as I thought it would be, but it still has really good pigmentation. 

With Flash

Without Flash

Fuchsia Graffiti

I don't have any pictures of the Rose Tweed because it the pictures just weren't showing how beautiful the lipstick is, so I chose not to include one.

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover
In Superdrug all Bourjois products were 3 for 2 and as I didn't see any shades that really caught my eye other then the two lipsticks I did buy, I bought this which was on my pay day wish list anyway. I used is as soon as I got home to remove the heavily chipped nail polish I had on and oh my god! I wouldn't say it takes 1 second, but its is seconds - like 5 max and all my varnish was gone and my fingers smelling gorgeous! Now I literally cant wait to take my nail polish off just to use this.

All I did is stick my finger into the little hole in the sponge, twist my finger left and right a couple of times and that was it, all varnish gone! If there were little scraps left right at the sides of my nails all I did was repeat the process, maybe with more twisting to get the sponge right into that gap and the polish was gone! 

Rimmel Stay Matte
As I mentioned in my previous post, I've needed some powder for months, so I decided to go back to my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte, it keeps my skin matte for hours and at the worst dewy. Love it! I got the colour Translucent.

(Colour looks different from the first picture because flash was used in this shot)

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
I'm not planning on using this until I've had my hair cut, and I know a lot of you will be thinking 'Why you getting your hair cut just to try and grow it again?' Well its because I know when I go to the hairdressers I'm going to need quite a bit cut off because of my pretty bad dead ends, and I want to grow it back as quickly as possible but hopefully in better condition. If any of you have any Heat protection sprays you would recommend - leave a comment! :)

Technical difficulties - If anyone could tell me why when I uploaded the lip swatches they turned on their side when the originals are facing the right way? or even better if there is a way to turn them back the right way round :) Thank you.

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