Friday, 26 April 2013

My First Glossy Box!

I'd just like to begin by saying the reason why I haven't blogged in a while is because I've been really struggling with my anxiety recently to the point where I haven't been able to eat much more than a couple of biscuits a day for about a week, only left my room to go to the doctors, etc, so I haven't felt like doing anything. To make matters worse when my mum dragged me out into town on Wednesday to spend some of my wages, I got my purse robbed with about £100 so that really didn't convince me that going outside my front door is safe! But, after going out with my mum this morning and receiving my Glossy Box and Amazon purchases today, I've realised that I cant let myself get in the way of having a good life. So with that explanation out the way lets move on with my review of what I got in my very first Glossy Box!

For those of you that don't know all about Beauty Box's, they are a way of trying out higher end products without paying full whack and deciding you don't like it in the end. I decided to go with Glossy Box because of the way they tailor the products you receive to suit you. When you pay for your subscription you also complete a kind of beauty survey which asks questions such as what type of skin do you have? What are your main concerns? How old are you? etc. I thought this was brilliant as it meant your less likely to receive products which you wont even bother trying because they're just not for you. This box is £10 + p&p but you receive more than the £10 you pay in products so it's definitely worth it.

This Glossy Box was designed by a designer called Pearl Lowe, to be honest I've never heard of her so I cant comment on anything else she has done, but the design on the box is beautiful and fits the spring theme perfectly. 

This is how this months box looks when you open the lid. I think it makes the box look really classy and sophisticated especially the little ribbon bow!

This is what I received inside my box! 
- Yves Rocher - So Elixer Purple Eau de Parfum
- Lipcote
- Essie nail polish in 'Where's my chauffeur?'
- Dermalogica - Daily Microfoliant
- Nip + Fab - Coconut Latte Body Butter

Yves Rocher - So Elixer Purple Eau de Parfum
This is not a bad smelling perfume, but I just don't like it. I have no clue as how to describe perfumes with all the tones and other weird things people use to describe them, but I prefer fruity or girly smells, which this just is not. I would of gave it to my mum but she didn't like it either, so maybe my grandma? (haha)

I already have one of these, but why not have another? I personally think they're great, however if I have really dry lips (which is most of the time) this can make my lipstick look horrendous buy the end of the day. But if I'm having a good lips day then this is perfect and really keeps your lipstick on until you wash it off at the end of the day. 

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
When I got this out of the box I thought "this feels like theres hardly anything in it" till I opened the lid and saw that it was a powder, then I really thought "what the hell". So when I read the instructions and saw that you add it to water then it turns into a paste which you then work into a wet face for 1 minute, I couldn't wait to try it and ran a bath straight after I'd done my nails. I must say it made my face feel squeaky clean and theres no dry patches whatsoever. I hope I don't get too attached to this because I don't think my boyfriend or my bank balance would be very happy as its about £40 for the full size on its own. 

Nip + Fab Coconut Latte body butter
I don't usually use body butter, I've still got one which my boyfriend bought me for my birthday which I haven't used yet, tbh, I think I'm just too lazy to sit there and rub it all in. However, with my new found motivation I decided to give it a go, and I really like it, it smells lovely and has left my skin feeling so smooth. But I don't really have anything to compare it to, but it seemed really good. 

Essie nail polish
This is the first time I've tried an essie nail polish because I didn't want to betray my beloved OPI polishes, but I'm glad I got this one. Its the most perfect vibrant spring colour, and I love the brush which makes applying it so easy. The polish was almost opaque enough for 1 coat but only just needed 2. The finish is lovely, shiny and smooth so 10/10 for this! Here's a little picture of what it looks like on my nails.


  1. the coconut body butter looks so good! I got the mango one :). Nice blog, keep it up

  2. Looks like this was a great blog! Hope you start posting again soon!!

    Just followed your blog!! Check out mine?

    XOXO ♥ Kia