Thursday, 14 March 2013

Ciate Caviar Manicure - Mother of Pearl

I got this and the 'Black Pearls' for Christmas off my boyfriend. Am sure 99% of you looking at this post will have already heard of/seen the craze brought forward by Ciate and their 'Caviar Manicure'. I also know that these were discovered before and there are less expensive versions available by high street brands such as MUA's Nail Constellations [Link].

I did originally want the 'Mother of Pearl' Colour but also really liked the 'Black Pearls' shade, so my boyfriend got me both :) (lucky girl) but now after trying them both out (look out for the 'Black Pearls' review in the future) I think I do prefer the 'Black Pearls' shade over 'Mother of Pearls' although they are both really pretty. You can buy Ciate's Caviar Manicures directly from their online website [Link] or from Selfridges [Link] who strangely have more shades available! They are £18 each which is a bit expensive especially as MUA do a version for £2-3 (just the beads) however they will last you ages! Especially the actual beads because you use that little for each manicure and have a funnel which allows you to easily pour the excess beads back into the bottle.

I'm not the best at applying nail polish as it is (and as you can see by the photo's), so it is a bit messy on my nails but with practice I hope I should get better, however applying the beads is the easiest thing in the world, I've attached a photo of the instructions given with the box and it really is as simple as it makes out! You apply one coat of the Paint Pot on all nails, let it dry and then individually for each nail apply another coat of the Paint Pot and while the nail is still wet, pour the beads over your nail making sure your nail is over the plastic 'bead catcher' provided (so you can pour the beads back into the bottle once your finished). And that's it! If you want you can also apply a thin layer of top coat to the end of your nails.
*Instructions taken from the Ciate website

These nails depending on what your doing will not last long, a couple of days max. They are meant for a special event or if your a bit different and like to change your nails regularly.

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