Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pay Day Wish List

For those of you that don't know, I work at The Co-operative Food, and for us lot pay day is on Thursday! Now, I'm one of those people that doesn't have a penny to my name about 2 weeks after getting paid, so pay day is a big deal for me! After starting my job properly in November of last year I haven't had a lot of money to myself because there was Christmas and then my boyfriends 18th Birthday, and any spare money I've had has stupidly gone on food :( this is one of the reasons why this pay day wish list is so big (that and the million extra hours I've been doing). So, I'm going to stop babbling on and get on with it!

 1. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - Starter Kit - £14.75
I've seen this for a good while here and there on shopping channels and a couple of blogs, and never really took much notice because I just thought it was for old people! (sorry) but after paying more attention and looking around for things to try for my skin after Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions 3-Step System didn't work for me - review here [Link] . So, after looking through a few blogs and youtube video's and seeing how well this has worked for some people's skin, I thought I'd give it a go. So, look out for a short review as soon as its delivered and then a more thorough one when I've given it a good test run. (fingers crossed it works)

2. Liz Earle Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic - £13.25
The Liz Earle website recommended this for me to use in conjunction with the Hot Cloth Cleanser, and to be honest I need a new toner because the one I'm using at the moment from Dermalogica (Clean Start) it feels like I'm just spraying scented water over my face. If you have any other toners you would recommend for my acne prone skin leave me a comment and it may be in my next pay day wish list! I haven't read any reviews for this, and I suppose I should so after I've done that, I may or may not get this when I get paid.

3. MAC Studio Fix Fluid - £20.50
This is a re-purchase after I got my first bottle for Christmas, but I thought it deserved a mention. I used to use Revlon's ColourStay foundation and loved it, and heard that MAC's was very similar, so with a bit of Christmas money I took the plunge, and I'm glad I did because I do believe it is better than Revlon's although both have their cons. I think that Revlon's ColourStay has better coverage, but doesn't last as long and turns a more 'orangey' and patch colour later in the day. On MAC's website it claims that the foundation is medium coverage but buildable. For me the coverage is medium, but I would not say its buildable, but then again that's what concealer is for! The most impressive thing about MAC's Studio Fix Fluid is that is does last me all day! I can't believe the staying power considering I dont use a primer, it just looks great all day so now I can honestly say I trust it that much I only look in the mirror at the most 3 times in a day! Definitely worth the money - one of my Holy Grail Items (HGI).

4. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - £3.99
I have bought this many times, and I think I underestimate it, especially considering the massive disappointment I had from MAC's Prep and Prime Finishing Powder - NEVER AGAIN - but that's for another day. I haven't worn powder in a couple of months, not that I haven't needed it, but when I have money I just forget about it, and as I mentioned above after 2 weeks there's no chance in me affording the little amount that it is, but I am determined to remember it this month, especially as there should be warmer weather which means my face = its own mirror. Disgusting!

5. Benefit Porefessional - £23.50
As the website suggests, this is supposed to be the UK's No.1 Primer. I have seen absolutely RAVE reviews about it, and even though I find the price tag very expensive, I'm going to treat myself and take the plunge. I have never had a primer before so I dont really have anything to compare it to and I didn't think I really suffered with visible pores (then again I don't really like looking at my bare skin) but clearly I do because of the state of my skin, and this will hopefully help with that issue too and will serve me well. If you have tried this leave a comment telling me how you found it and if it lives up to it's name???

6. Benefit They're Real - £18.50
Again this is a repurchase after getting it for Christmas after seeing all the hype about it on the TV and in stores, etc. It was the first time I had heard of the brand Benefit (I was a very ignorant 16 -17 year old on the whole make-up brand front) but I was scared about parting with nearly £20 for a mascara when usually I try not to spend over £10, and it was a last minute 'oh what the hell' purchase. I am so glad I did! This is the best mascara I have ever used, it literally does everything it claims to do. I dont use eyelash curlers but I couldn't even begin to imagine how my eyelashes would look using both together. This mascara is totally worth the hype and I believe I will be repurchasing this for many months to come.

7. Benefit High Beam - £24.50
I am one of those people who used to think when it came to highlighters 'whats the point?' but after watching Hollies Pampur Lounge on youtube [Link] I realised how much of a difference a good highlighter can make to your face and whole make-up look. I know this highlight has also had a lot of rave reviews and even though I think its very expensive for a little bottle, hopefully it will be worth it, and again I'm treating myself!

8. HD Brows - £25 (prices differ)
I have wanted these ever since I first saw them (about 2 years ago?), and when I could afford them I just forgot! For those that haven't heard of them, they are a 7-step eyebrow shaping process which give you the best eyebrows you can possibly get! There is a video on youtube which goes through the whole process and shows you some before and after shots - [Link] I will be doing a before and after and review when I get mine done, so keep an eye out!

9. Benefit Hoola  - £23.50
I have been after a decent bronzer for  months, after always using bronzing pearls which I found just weren't pixilated enough for the look I wanted to create. But after seeing this again on Hollie's Pampur Lounge on youtube and how she loves it, I thought I would again treat myself and add it to my wish list.

10. Moroccanoil - £30.45
If you haven't heard about this I would be very surprise, however not everyone it into hair oils so, some may have not. Its basically meant to be the very best hair oil available that all celebrities use and its supposed to leave your hair absolutely beautiful! I do think it is expensive, but for healthy beautiful looking hair after having my hair dip-dyed, I think it's worth it and that is why it is on my wish list.

11. Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks - £5.99 (at the moment in Boots)
The only way I heard of these is by seeing a review of them by 'Birds Words' [Link] my favourites were Rose Tweed and Fuchsia Graffiti and I will be getting them!

12. Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment - £7.99
Ive seen so many reviews about this, some hating on it and some loving on it, but I think if it does work £7.99 is not much to pay for longer beautiful hair. I don't really need this at the moment, but when I get paid I am planning on getting my hair re-dip-dyed and cut, but because it has literally been over half a year since I last got my hair cut, I know I'm going to need quite a bit off so, if this helps me get my hair back longer quicker, its worth it for me!

13. Rimmel Apocalips - £5.99 (or 3 for 2 in Boots at the moment)
Do I really need to explain why I want these? They have been literally everywhere recently and they are so beautiful! For those of you who don't know, they are a lip gloss come lipstick come lip stain. I usually hate lip glosses, but I recently realised that it was probably because all the ones I had when I was younger were cheap and sticky! I don't even know what colours to choose, so I will have to wait and see when I get into the store but I am so exited to try these, probably more than anything else on this list.

14. Glossy Box - £10 (per month)
I think these boxes are a great way to try new things without paying a massive amount for you to find them to be crap. If you haven't heard of these types of boxes, in this box you get 5-6 some sample and some full size products for you to try. It allows you to decide if you like them and if you think they're worth it - buy the full size! I think they will be especially useful for when I haven't bought any new products or dont have any inspiration to just do a Glossy Box review blog.

15. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long - £4.99
I've heard a lot about these 3 Minute Miracle hair treatments and was going to just get the original one, until I saw this one for people with long hair who may need that extra bit of moisture. I also think the price is really good for the amount of amazing reviews it has, so why not.

16. HD Brows Palette - £19.96
I don't think I need to explain why I want this, but I will. I just thought it would be a great way to compliment my HD brows and purchase a brow palette from the same brand so they can advise me best on how to use it.

17. Bourjois Magic 1 Second Nail Polish Remover - £4.99
I've been wanting this ever since my boyfriend started buying me various OPI nail polishes and I just think its a great, easy, quick and simple way to remove nail polish without all the mess of cotton pads and a bottle of polish remover.

18. MAC lipstick in Chatterbox - £14
I can't remember who's blog I saw this lipstick on but I instantly wanted it, I love the colour and just think that it would be a great everyday lipstick.

Thank-you for reading my post. If you have any tips on how I could improve my blogging, or anything you want me to do a review about, just leave a comment and I will get back to you asap.

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