Thursday, 11 October 2012

My first post! and weeks wishlist

 This weeks wishlist...

After going to the hairdressers I saw some of them wearing the black dress with tights and knee high boots, I loved the look so hunted online to find similar things. The parka I chose because its a half hour walk from my boyfriends to college and its gunna get pretty cold soon so I'm hoping because its faux fur lined its going to keep me warm and be worth the money, also it will be warm for when I'm standing in the cold for 2 hours every Saturday watching my boyfriend play football.

Millicent Stud Back Black Boots, Topshop - £40
Casper Knee High Boots, Asos - £45
Stacey Jacket by Goldie, Topshop - £68
Half Sleeve Ripple Tunic, Topshop - £25
Luxe Nylon Parka, Topshop - £98

This is my first post, and I know I'll be lucky to get one view, so if your reading this, I hope you like it and you keep coming back to see what I've posted :) thank-you xx

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